Register as an organ donor


There are several ways you can register to be an organ donor in Australia. You can come to Saffron Day (Oct 22nd) and sign up with one of our volunteers. It's a nice way to get out of the house and meet like-minded people who want to give the gift of life.

Register on DonateLife website

You can also go to DonateLife and fill in their easy form. You'll input your first name, surname, postcode, date of birth, email (optional), what prompted you to register and your Medicare number and reference number (if applicable). Once you have everything filled in, you simply click "Submit." You're now officially an organ donor in the eyes of the Australian Government.

Register through MyGov

If you have myGov account, you can register here as well. If you have a smartphone, there is an Express Plus Medicare app that you can download and register through. All three of these options are very fast and user-friendly ways to register to be an organ donor any day of the year. 

Register using paper form

Finally, you can download, fill out and send a traditional paper organ donor registration form from the Australian Government. Any of these ways allows you to register or change your decision and details as you see fit.