Organ Donation and Australia

According to DonateLife, there are around 1,400 Australians of all ages on the waitlist for a transplant. Along with them, there are currently 11,000 on dialysis who could use a kidney transplant to better their lives. 
 There were over 1,700 lives transformed in the past year alone by organ donation, and a single donor can save multiple people's lives. When you think of how easy and quick it is to sign up to be an organ donor, it makes you wonder why more people choose not to donate. 

A single donor can save multiple people's lives

As it stands, one in three Australians are organ donors, and this number is slowly on the rise. However, getting the national average up over 70% would put Australia in the top 10 for country performance around the world. 
 Additionally, Australia is recognised on an international basis for organ donation success rates and for the long-term survival rates of the people who receive the organ donation. No matter how old or whether or not you have chronic health conditions, you can be eligible to donate. It all starts with signing up and becoming an organ donor, and Saffron Day wants to turn a single day to register into an everyday phenomenon. 

People on waitlist


for organ transplant

People on dialysis


people who can use kidney transplant

Life's transformed


in the past year alone by organ donation

A single donor


single donor can save multiple lives