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Posters for SaffronDay

Posters are available in different sizes and you can download them clicking the download link, they are ready for print including trim marks.

Email template to promote it to your network

Please note no fundraising required. If you can assist with your network it will be very helpful.


22nd October , we are celebrating Saffron Day, a day to honour the life of Deyaan and urge all Australians to ‘Do it for Deyaan’ by registering their decision to become an organ and tissue donor at

Saffron symbolises courage and strength, qualities seen in little Deyaan. Saffron is particularly important to the Udani family as orange was Deyaan’s favourite colour.
We encourage you to get on board with Saffron Day by asking your network to do the following.

Getting involved in Saffron Day is easy, here’s what we would like people to do:

  • Step 1: ‘Do it for Deyaan’ – register your decision to save lives as an organ and tissue donor at SaffronDay
  • Step 2: Wear something orange and /or use the merchandise provided, take a photo and post on social media with the hashtags #SaffronDay #doitforDeyaan.
  • Step 3: Encourage family and friends to do the same

Saffron Day Resources:

To support your participation in Saffron Day we’ve prepared a number of resources (attached):
  • A postcard/info card detailing Deyaan’s story, and outlining how you can get involved
  • A social tile, to be shared on social media on 22nd October (2 different versions)
  • A poster, to help you promote Saffron Day to your community/networks (a print and online version attached) where people can read more about Deyaan's story and what Saffron Day is all about.