Meet the team

Our team
Dr Dhaval Ghelani, Mr Rupesh udani, Mrs Darshana Bhatt, Mrs Rupal bhanushali, Mrs Cecilia Greatbatch , Mr Manish Shah, Mr Sanjay shah, Dr Edwin Lordes

We rely on volunteers to keep our organisation up and running, and we have hundreds.
Our team dedicates themselves to spreading awareness for the life-saving benefits of organ donation. It takes a few minutes to register, but you can have a lasting impact on so many peoples' lives. 

Organ donation is a year-round event that should never be far from anyone's mind, and the bright Saffron is the perfect symbol to continue to raise awareness. The strength and courage that the Saffron stands for encompasses our team's dedication and morals. Our team are what drives all we do, and we're forever grateful for the support we continue to receive. 

Volunteer with Saffron Day

We're always looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers to keep Saffron Day's organ donor outreach mission spreading throughout Australia.
We rely 100% on volunteers to help us set up and run organ donation registration booths, and we can always use more.

No matter if you can only volunteer a few hours or if you can commit to multiple weeks, every little bit helps! If you have questions or concerns about Saffron Day, or if you'd like to sign up to join our volunteer family, you can reach out via email. One of our current volunteers will get back to you and walk you through the registration process. We're excited and happy that you chose to support Saffron Day and our mission to spread the word about organ donation.